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We established Global Communication Center, LLC  in 2019. Our mission is to provide individuals with a
lifestyle where they can work from home and create their work schedule.  Working at home offers flexibility and the opportunity to spend more time doing the things you love. 
With the help of each Independent Contractor, GCC diligently provides excellent customer service to
all fortune 500 companies listed on the Arise Platform. We stand firm in the belief that as long as we
create an opportunity to help our team succeed each member of the team will do the same for others.


Barbara Keys


Barbara is a compassionate goal-driven woman. She is a single mother of two girls. Knowing what it is like to be a mother of 2 children, Barbara had the opportunity to create a platform for young girls. Barbara is the Owner/CEO of Daughters With A Higher Calling. Also, Barbara is a Stylist & CEO of Daughters Braid Too. Barbara Obtained a Medical Assistant Diploma from Blue Cliff College. She is certified in Basic Life Support (BLS), AED/CPR trained and certified in CDMS/SAP timekeeping systems. She holds a Class “B” Commercial Driver’s License with Passenger & School Bus Endorsements. Barbara knows all about the entrepreneurial spirit needed in running businesses, and she is very familiar with life’s circumstances. Because of that, Barbara developed a passion for helping others reach their goals and become their own boss.


Naiika Bass


Naiika Bass is an Entrepreneur with a heart for people. She is a single mother of two beautiful children. Naiika had the opportunity to obtain an Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from South University and OccupationalSafety & Health from Columbia Southern University. She is also trained and NCCER Certified as a Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST), Construction Site Safety Supervisor (CSSS), Field Safety, OSHA 30, and First Aid/CPR Certified. Naiika knows what it is like to have a purpose in life and balance parenting all at the same time. She had a dream to help others that may have struggled with the same obstacles that she faced. That dream has developed a life for individuals to not only work from home but can create their work schedule. She believed that flexibility would open doors for others to achieve their purpose and dreams in life as well.



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